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Is there a log that lists only changed files that have been backed up

Created: 02 Sep 2013 • Updated: 13 Sep 2013 | 12 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


Any thoughts on this and how would we find out what files have been changed?

Some Solaris client hosts that use the old file system structure (UFS)  need to become ZFS. We plan on restoring the files into the new host. We thought that an initial restore could be done first then during the actual change over to minimize the downtime only files that changed would be restored.


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RamNagalla's picture

if i am not wrong...

you are planning to restore the full file system first and later only changed files..

if that is the case..

how you are taking the backups?

are they full backups and incrmental backups?

nbustarter380's picture

Hi Nagalla, Thank you for your quick response

Yes, We take Incremental, Synthetic and Full backups for our clients.

RamNagalla's picture

if you are taking the synthetic backup, restore form latest synthetic backup would restore everything..

els you can do the restore from full backup fist and then apply the incrmental backups..

i am not seeing any special condition in this case.. just go for the regular restore that you for it

nbustarter380's picture

Nagalla, Thanks!

Is it possible to restore contents from one  media client solaris server to another if they are backing up on different master servers.

For example   Doran1 is backing up on nbumaster1

                        Doreis2 is backing up on nbumaster 2

can I restore data from Doran1 to Doreis2?

Both are solaris client servers and keep in mind they are backing up via  different master servers.

Thanks again

RamNagalla's picture

yes, it is always possbile with differnt ways.

1) if Doreis2 is able to communicate with the nbumaster1, and the media servers just add those enties into the bp.conf of Doreis2 and select the destination as Doreis2 in the BAR window.

2) if Doreis2 is not able to communicate with nbumaster1, and the media servers, you will have 2 option

a) import

b) recovery without import

nbustarter380's picture

Thanks Nagalla for your quick responses I appreciate it very much.

Yes, I believe nbumaster1 and nbumaster2  should be able to communicate with each other.

Will I need to edit the master and media (client) servers etc/hosts? file also?

After the restore is done I should delete the new entries from the bp.conf file correct? or is that not necessary?

Thanks again

RamNagalla's picture

you need to have the communication with the Desination client Doreis2 to the source master server nbumaster1,

as long was you are able to communicate with Names does not require.. if you are not able to communicate with the hostnames and able to communicate only with IP address, you ase use DNS or els /etc/hosts

and you does not need to remove the entires from the client Doreis2, but that is your wish..

Mark_Solutions's picture

To answer your original question ...

Take incremental backups and just restore those - however if you have done full backups since the initial seeding then restore subsequent full backups using the "do not overwrite setting"

If you need to find out if some files that have been backed up during the full backups have changed then you could run a bplist against that client for each set of dates, pipe it out to a file and then do a comparison of the file attributes (quite hard work though!)

To answer your second question .....

Nnot a problem as long as they have TCPIP connectivity - just add the nbumaster1 and its media servers to the servers list on Doreis2 and perform the restore from nbumaster1 to allow for the re-direction of the restore

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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nbustarter380's picture

Thanks Mark,

Yes, every little bit of information I can get is very helpful.

Also,  once I edit the bp.conf file (s) will the destination client (media server >>>Doreis2) show up in the Bar Window of the Netbackup admin console GUI? as if it is backing up on the same master server (nbumaster1 as  the Doran1 client?

Thanks again Nagalla and Mark

RamNagalla's picture

if it not showing up, you can always have a option to add it , and if you are not seeing option to add it

and if it not showing up ..

just add the Doreis2 in the test policy, it will show up on the java console BAR 

nbustarter380's picture

Thanks..Nagalla, Mark Everything appears to be good with the restores thanks for the help I really appreciate your help!