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Is there a Symantec-advised way to copy the SD 7.5 implementation from one environment to another?

Created: 22 Jan 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 6 comments
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Dear All,

I have an SD 7.5 setup in my Test environment. I want to move this to Production.

Does anyone know the Symantec-approved method for doing this or is it a complete Document Test and re-setup up Production situation?

Also, related to this, what is the SD 7.5 disaster recovery strategy?

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I guess I'm not clear on what you mean by moving it from dev to production. If you are happy with have it setup, and the server(s) you have it on can handle the production load, is there a reason you can't just point your users to the dev URL?

As far as disaster recovery, I can tell you how I do it. Daily snapshots of the SD VM along with daily backups of it's DB. In the even I need to roll back, I merely need to load up a snapshot from the day before and restore the DB to the same time. Yes, I'll lose a day's worth of work, but I'm okay with that. Most of our tickets are generated via the email monitor, so I'd also need to go into the mailbox and mark anything from the last day to unread so that they can picked up by the monitor again. If really necessary, I'd query the DB to get any tickets changed in the last day so at least I could give that list to the technicians. But I suppose it really comes down to how much work you are okay with losing. If the answer is none, I have no idea how you'd accomplish that.

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Hmm. No, the SD server is a VM and it will NOT take the workload, sadly. My boss wants a different SD for Production, so that we can develop and test changes in Dev and then put them into Production. The problem is that I do not know how to initially copy the server and set up the Production machine with Production settings.

Personally, I would quite like to V2P it and then change the settings, but that would be dodgy, as I might not be changing EVERY setting!

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OK, so it looks like you'll be doing a clean install of the product then. But that might not be so bad as that part's pretty painless. Have you made any changes to any of the workflow projects? Though change and incident are locked, there are still plenty you could have modified. If so, do you have the updated projects checked into a repository on the SMP?

Assuming you either haven't changed any projects or have but have an up-to-date repository, the only other big place for changes is going to be in the DB. If you don't mind having closed incidents or anything else you have made during testing, you could simply point your new SD install to the existing DB. Is that an option?

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I'd like to know this too... My situation is that a customer has to create a number of seperate Service Desks implementations for security reasons but wants the basic operation of these to be the same. In Helpdesk 6 you simply exported the admin data and re-imported into the new instance. Where is this in 7.5?

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Does anyone knows here what specific files/folders/services needed to backup on SD 7.5 for DR situation? Thanks!