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There was a problem running the DBCC - SQL Server 2008 Backup

Created: 04 Oct 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

We're running a SQL Server 2008 server alongside our main data server with Backup Exec 2010 installed, the job is set to backup all databases on the SQL2008 server, all of a sudden we have been getting constant errors when the backup is done on a night.

All we get is: "One or more SQL Database consistency checks have failed. There was a problem running the DBCC - DBCC results for <database_name>" and thats it.

I'm not too clued up on SQL but know enough but I'm not sure what this error is relating to.

Can anyone help?

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Delo819's picture

The only other thing I have in the job log is an exception stating one of the Databases is configured to maintain transcation logs and transcation log backups and not being performed.

I've attached a screenshot of the main job log if it helps.

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Hi Delo819,

   Backup Exec sends a query to SQL Server to perform Database Consistency Check(DBCC) before backing up the databases. If database has DBCC errors then they are displayed in the job log. Looking at the Job Log you posted, I see that DBCC is failing on just one database "APS".  Please run a DBCC query on database "APS" using SQL Management Studio to check if it returns any error. If yes, it means that database "APS" is not consistent and it should be fixed.

1. Launch SQL Management Studio

2. Connect to the SQL instance in question

3. Right click on the database "APS"-> Click "New Query"

4. Type following query:

DBCC CheckDB(APS) with No_InfoMSGS, ALL_ErrorMSGS

5. Click Execute

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As suggested by Kapil you need to check if you have any issues with the APS database and Verify the DBCC commands run successfully

For The report server you should Set the recovery model to full and run log backup so that the log files are tuncated.

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Also, verify that there isnt any maintenance being performed during the time of the backup.  Check for errors in Windows Event Logs.