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Is there a way to change feed language setting without changing device language?

Created: 12 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Is there a way to either change the feed language setting within the Mobile MGMT app or set a feed to use more than a single language?  We have users who are doing BYOD and live in various countries.  Because English is a second language to most of them they tend to have their devices set to their primary language.  When they then install the Mobile MGMT app on their device it defaults the feedLanguage setting to match the language set on their device.  At this time we are only sending out 2 apps that are in English and have no plans to add any other languages anytime soon.  Is there a way to get around forcing the user to either change the language on their device to English so that they see the feeds we have created or set a feed to be used for more than a single language?

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In the last version of the solution you can assign a feed to a device using policy.

Go to Manage - Policies

Select Mobile Management - Mobile Configuration Policies (Folder)

Create a new Mobile device configuration policy or use existing. Inside the policy you could activate the option :"Send all applicable feeds to the device" under feed Settings. See picture in attachment.

Don't forget to apply the policy to concerned devices or all devices in my case


Stéphane Bachelet


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The "Send all applicable feeds to the device" will still check if the language is intended for the device by checking the device language setting.

Most devices in our organization use Danish as the device language, but some few use english.

We have made feeds for the 2 languages, and only the ones matching the device language is published in the agent on the device.

A Danish feed will only show up on devices configured for Danish, never on a device configured for English.

There should be a "general" feed language, that would be published to all devices, no matter what language the device is set up for.