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Is there a way to Load Slot x into the tape drive with BE

Created: 13 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 7 comments

it seems so simple. I just need a command that does : Load the tape in slot 1 into the tapedrive and leave it there!

I use BE to backup my NTFS filesystems/disk. I also have disks with RAW partitions that contain Objectstore databases on them, that must be backedup with ObjectStore's osbackup command.

The problem is that I have no way (besides manually) to load a tape from any slot in my ten tape library into the tape drive and then just leave it there so osbackup can use the tape!

I've tried Erasing a tape, Formatting a tape, and even doing a BE Backup of a single file with the "Eject tape after backup" option UNCHECKED! All of these seem to eject the tape after the BE job is done. I have checked the tape library and found no setting that auto-unloads the tape, so I do not know why the tape gets unloaded after a BE backup when I specifically tell it not to :(

I am using an Overland Storage SDLT LXLL1110TX tape library.

I am very new to BE, so hopefully these are not stupid questions... :)

Any help = Appreciated.

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Greetings, Have you set up partitions for you library? You can each slot as a partition, then point you backup job to use whatever partition you want. If you always want a particular job to go to Slot1 then after your partitions are set just point the BE job to partition 1. Right click on your drive from devices tab and select partitions, select the first slot and that creates parition1, select second slot and that creates partition 2, as so on. You'll see, give it try. Then when you set up your backup job, for device, you'll see all your partitions. Select your choice and off and running.

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Thanks for the response Steven! I have not setup any partitions for my library... but I'm not sure I understand how that would help? :)

I think you misunderstood my problem... :)

The problem I have is not with BE using the wrong slot/tape... all my BE backups work great. It's with another backup program called osbackup, which has no capability to load or select slots/tapes to put into the tape drive. Osbackup just expects a tape to be in the tape drive, and overwrites whatever is on the tape with it's own data.

Therefore, I was hoping that BE would have a function to load a tape from (for example) slot 1 into the drive, and then leave it there so osbackup can use that tape.

I realize this is not exactly a BE problem, but it's functionality that I figured BE would/should have and have not been able to find.

Is it typical for the tape drive/library manufactuerer to provide a utility program to load tapes from desired slots? I have searched and found nothing but drivers... no utilities that would achieve what I want, which is a simple little utility to load the tape from slot 1 into the tape drive, and leave it there.

Any Help = Appreciated

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BE will always put the tape back into the slot after backup - even if you have Eject after backup unchecked.

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I thought that you could do this with BECMD, but I've scanned through the options, and can't find it

You may want to suggest this as an enhancement at

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It is very much possible to use a particular tape to perform backup (after considerng Overwrite protection period).

You need to create slots and then target the backup job only to that particular slot.

This slots may contain one or more tapes according to your convenience.

Please refer the following technote :

* About the OSBackup , Backup exec will be able to move the tape in the Library only when Backup exec is trying to perform job. We would suggest you to use Backup exec only, to get the desired functionality.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, use one backup software is much better.

In respond to John about tape ejection. It is not the case. I have three backup jobs in sequence. The first job load the tape in and do the first backup job without eject the tape. The second job append data afterward also without eject. Last job append data as well and eject tape at last.

It works perfectly in my case.