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Is there a way to update software library with info from patch management ?

Created: 30 May 2013 | 3 comments


Do you know if there's a way to use patch management to update a package in software library ?

ie: I have a package to publish a software like 7-zip or filezilla.

I'm supposed to :

  • import the installation software and create all ressources to be able to publish with policies or quick publish the software
  • I use patch management to create patch policies if a new version is released

Is there a way to replace the original package in the software library with the one downloaded with patch management ? I mean not manually ?


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SK's picture

If you are going to use PMS to deploy those types of software, then there really isnt a need to also deploy them via SW Mgmt Solution, as you can quite easily assign a bulletin policy to a filter that contains machines that do  not have SW X.

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Nicolas Horchower's picture

I see, but will it keep the assignment when a superceed bulletin will replace the old one ?


Roman Vassiljev's picture

Hi Nicolas,

In case if new bulletin is released and it supersedes old bulletin that was previously distributed to assigned computers, it will be required to create new SWU policy(via Patch Management) containing new released bulletin and assign it to computers again.

Default resource target for SWU policies may be defined in Windows Patch Remediation Settings, as soon as it is defined there, it will be applied to every newly created SWU policy.