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There's any way to maintain some database of backup fails and solutions??

Created: 27 Aug 2012 • Updated: 27 Aug 2012 | 1 comment
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Hello everyone!
I hope that you can help me...
I need to know if there's any way to maintain some database of fails and solutions on Opscenter console, this with the finally to have a knowledge base or procedures to recurring problems reesolver. For example: Fail the backup of a server and the solution is known for one operator. There's any way to that this operator can includes this solution on Opscenter for anyone who sign in to the console?
Thanks, and sorry for my poor english! ;)

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I am sorry nmitb but I could not undestand your question. Are you asking if there is way to log opscenter issues ( Data collection Failurer and other  ) and to have a troubleshooter (kind  of what we have in Netbackup admin comsole) that poits to possible cause and suggestions to fix it ??

Sorry if I misunderstood your quesion .May be you can rephrase your question.