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Third party or API access possible?

Created: 31 Mar 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 7 comments

I would like to know if there is a possibility of using a 3rd party application to integrate with help desk. Is there an api access or do we just have to scrape the web based ui ?

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The ASDK has COM objects that can be accessed via CLI, VBScript, and C#.

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thanks for the replay bgreen.

To be more specific Im wondering if there is a 'light weight' way of accesing information from help desk. We are able to connect to databases through ODBC, we can use soap and we can read xml, csv and html data but we dont support a heavyweight solution like COM.


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If all you're trying to do is programmatically read information, ODBC is probably your best bet.

I typically use the web services and/or COM objects only when I need to send commands to the Helpdesk from an external source.

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If you can read CSV files you might also consider looking at Connector solution and exporting data to a CSV file.  It does depend on what information you're after, but it might be an easy way for you to get the information you're after.

- Matt

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That loks like exactly what I need.

So does Connector solution inegrate with Altiris Help Desk specifically ? It says it works with Altiris Solutions but I wonder if this includes Help Desk as well.

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Connector allows you to create Incident resources.  Things like users and computers would be created in NS first, then synchronized into Helpdesk Solution.