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Ticket creation based on email receiver address.

Created: 14 Mar 2013 • Updated: 09 May 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi together

I would like to do a ticket allocation based on emails.

Currently I have two mailboxes „“ and Those two were both forewarded to

The mails are collected from

The dispatcher should decide whether it is a „Spam Mail“ or not.

If it decides that it is not a „Spam Mail“, than it makes a „Create Incident Quickly“.

The workflow should decide to which Service Desk Queue the ticket should be assigned based on the email property „to“.

If „“ is given in the „to“ field, the ticket should be created in the Queue SQPTeam.

I thought that this position in  „SD.Email.InboundManagement“ is fine for this. Unfortunately this does not work. Could someone help me with this problem, please.

Thanks in advance

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if it's <7.5 then you'd set the Incident.SpecificAssignment variable to a value you'd mapped prior to the submitincident component.  if it's =7.5 then you can use the Incident.CurrentlyAssignedQueue[] and Incident.CurrentlyAssignedQueueName variables (again, using a value of matching datatype you'd mapped or fetched).  so you'd need to do these things prior to the SubmitIncident component, unless you want to just reassign task afterwards.

so basically put a matches rule in front of the submitincident component, set your paths to match the email "To:" field, and then (we'll assume 7.5) use the "Get Incident Service Queue By Name" component and get the queue you want based on the name your evaluation has determined is correct.  if you're using 7.1 you'll need to use a Get Group By Name and then use that as the specific assignment (with a type of "Group" or "2", i can't recall which is used in the mapping).

anyways maybe that'll help you.

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My solution looks like this:

(My customer uses Service Desk 7.1.)

I created a “New Integration Library” with two components

First Component (get All Service Desk Groups): return all Service Desk Groups (but not domain groups)
SQL = SELECT * FROM dbo.[Group] WHERE GroupName NOT LIKE '%\%'

Second Component (get Service Desk Group By Email): returns a group name, having the same e-mail address as the Email property "to"

SQL = SELECT * FROM dbo.[Group] WHERE EmailAddress = ''

(Of course, the SQL queries provided with variable)

Now open the „SD.Email.InboundManagement“ workflow.

Once the workflow is open, double click on „Email Received Decisions Required“ component.

Change to „Interaction Setup“ tab and click […] in the area of  „Dialog Model“ property.


Another workflow opens.

Insert your components (you have previously created)


I added a DropDownList to the “Email Classification Form” component. The DropDownList has the name “Assign to:”

DropDownList.Items = getAllSDGroups and DropDownList.SelectedItem = getSDGroupBYEmail. Thus, it is proposed in which the group is to be always assigned.




In the "Output Paths" property all "Create Incident ….." is set to required !

Then I have added 4 components.

1x add a new data element object and 3x merge text objects.


1. Add new data element (Assignment Target to Group)

  1. I set the “Assignment Type” to group (view Screenshot)


1. Merge text (AssignmentTargetToGroup.DisplayName)

  1. Merge date insert the “Groupname” = “objAssignedTo.GroupName”


2. Merge text (AssignmentTargetToGroup.TargetName)

  1. Merge date insert the “Groupname” = “objAssignedTo.GroupName”


3. Merge text (AssignmentTargetToGroup.TargetId)

  1. Merge date insert the “GroupID” = “objAssignedTo.GroupID”


Last you need to edit the "Submit Incident" object.

  • Change to tab [Configuration]
  • Press […] at the property "Specific Assigment"
  • Choose process variables
  • Press [Add Single]
  • Select “AssignmentTargetToGroup” in the “Select Variable” window and Press [OK]
  • Press [OK] to close the “Specific Assignment Array Variable” window
  • And Press [OK] to close the “Submit Incident Editor”



Please try as a test environment before you publish it.

Attention!!! This solution will only run if no group notifications are used (notification to all users of the group if a ticket will be assigned to this group).

But if you have the case that this group notifications are used you have to create a new table in the data base in which the mail “to” and the assigned group are listed.



Best greetings

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