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Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 20 Feb 2013 | 8 comments
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Hi Everybody

Anybody knows where I find the place to edit(translate) the text of this window(in red)?

I need to edit the text ID, Status, Priority, Impact, Urgency, Location, Source and so on.


Bruno Bacelar

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Is it a workflow form?

I try to find it in the Workflow Manager, but i can't found.

Bruno Bacelar

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This isn't a WF form, it's a Web part... I'm pretty sure it's the Process Info webpart. I think these values come directly from the names of the profile definition.

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I found the webpart, but I don't know how I can change the text in the tickets.

Anyway, thank you!

Bruno Bacelar

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To modify Profile Value names, you go to Admin - Data - Lists and Profiles (or Admin - Data - Application Properties), I believe. Then you select the appropriate Profile and modify.

However, I would test this OUTSIDE of production first. Changing the names of Profiule values will probably upset the Workflows, as the profile value names are serialized into the projects.

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I will try it

Thank you!

Bruno Bacelar

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the best way to traslate this page is this

second button of your mouse in the page and then "properties"

and the address do you have somenthing like that


you need to open in new windows only this part


then when this page is open you have full access to edit the page

then click in the option in the upper rigth page "Accion of Page"- "Edit Page" and then to click in the ray icon in the part of you need to traslate then you have new option and looking the column do you need to traslate

adjunt the photo about this last part

I am sorry my inglish XD I hope this is do you need

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if you need to change other thinks like Status or something like that you need to traslate in the workflow Disegner in couple parts, for this you need experience in Workflows this is more advanced option

I thinks you need this

Traducir Formularios.jpg
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Perfect man! I wanted it!

You helped me a lot, thank you so much!

Bruno Bacelar