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For windows from the netbackup documentation ( NetBackup_AdminGuideI_WinServer):

Retaining Job Information in the Database

There may be times when it is desirable to keep jobs in the jobs database longer than three days. The default can be changed on a more permanent basis, or temporarily, lasting only until the next reboot or cycling of NetBackup services.

Changing the Default on a Permanent Basis

Since the bpdbjobs database resets to default conditions up ison reboot or cycling NetBackup Services, you may want a more permanent means of ok

To do so safely, from a command window, run:

What is the diff between temp and permamant basis and how to do both?

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Temporary - lasts until the next restart of the NBU services, as it says in the text you have posted,

Permanent - lasts 'forever'

To change (permanent)

To change the default values on a permanent basis, use the following method to

add new registry key(s) to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\NetBackup\
To add the key(s) safely, run the following commands. For example:
echo KEEP_JOBS_HOURS = 192 | bpsetconfig
Where 192 is the number of hours that unsuccessful jobs are kept in the jobs
database or Activity Monitor display.
For example, run:
echo KEEP_JOBS_SUCCESSFUL_HOURS = 192 | bpsetconfig
Where 192 is the number of hours that successful jobs are kept in the jobs database
or Activity Monitor display.
Consider the following notes when changing the default values:
is 78 hours.
■ The retention period values are measured against the time the job ended.
■ Information about successful jobs cannot be kept longer than information
about unsuccessful jobs. If KEEP_JOBS_SUCCESSFUL_HOURS is greater than
■ If KEEP_JOBS_SUCCESSFUL_HOURS is set to 0, bpjobd uses the KEEP_JOBS_HOURS
bpdbjobs value instead for successful jobs.
If the KEEP_JOBS_SUCCESSFUL_HOURS value is greater than 0 but less than
KEEP_JOBS_HOURS, KEEP_JOBS_HOURS is used for unsuccessful jobs only.
On Unix, you can change the values with these entries in bp.conf

(The bit below is an educated guess )

The documentation does not seem to say how to do this on a tmp basis, and to be honest, I can't really image anyone nneding this on a tmp basis, I've only even seen people change it permanently.

I image that the bpdbjobs command would be used for a tmp change - reason being, that the registry / bp.conf file method is specifically mentioned for the permenant change, whereas the bpdbjobs command is mentioned later and references an enviroment variable.  Environment variables are often not permanent unless reset.


Regards,  Martin
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