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Timestamp of jobs completed vs started.

Created: 06 Aug 2014 • Updated: 14 Aug 2014 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am trying to piece together as to why some jobs are not available for restore etc. I have looked the timestamp of when jobs start and when they finish.

I try and aggregate the data with when .FH files are created and try and match up times. But the time that jobs start and finish do not match up with when ctalog files are created.

My Question is:

If a job starts on the 1st of the month at 10pm and the job finishes on the 2nd of the month at 6am, when will the .FH file be created?

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Cataloging is run simultaneously as part of the backup job itself. With the latest relase of BE, GRT enabled backups to disk allow "delayed" cataloging whereupon this process runs separately and post the actual backup job.

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If it is running simultaneaously as a part of the backup job, then the job that starts at 10 pm at night but finishes at 6am the next moring....this  will show an .FH file timestamped 6am?

(The timestamps definitely dont match up exactly as to when a job has started or finished it is hard to pin down)

We are using BExec 2010 and not GRT.

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The FH files created should have the timestamp of 6am onwards.

It could be possible, that the overall backup job took time to end based on factors such as verify or if there was an alert which required a response to etc. Best is to expand the job log and check what time the last resource was finished backing up. The .FH files created should have a timestamp post this  time.

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Thank you.

I looked in the properties of the job log and the time that is stated as to when a particular resource (D:, E:, F: drives eg) under 'Backup Set Detail Information' matches up almost precisely as to the timestamp on the .FH file(s)