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Timezones, GMT to Pacific

Created: 03 Oct 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009 | 4 comments
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Is there a way to change my default on the web site from GMT to Pacific GMT-8 ?

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Unfortunately no, at this time the default option for most of the sections on the site is GMT. However, we gather your correct timezone in the my profile section of the site, as we plan to implement this customizable feature soon.

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SEPM is widely used in many Indian IT companies now and so need to have to respective timezone for our country.

Receiving alert in GMT makes difficult to act on it immediately as not everytime it is feasible to calculate the timezone difference.

And so this feature very very important

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không log on vào được,khi mà mở chương trình backup 12.5 thì nó hỏi mật
khẩu và tên đăng nhập bạn giúp mình với.">I ask you to backup 12.5 anshuman do not log on, when the backup program to open it ask 5.12 username and password you help me with.


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What you are saying is not relevant to what I am saying?? Is there any mistake here??