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Tips for troubleshooting when Inventory policies don't run?

Created: 16 Feb 2012 | 2 comments

Most of my machines seem to be running both delta and full inventories as expected.

Once in awhile I'll be working on a machine and check task history and notice that no inventory policy has ran in a long time.

Can anyone offer tips on how to troubleshoot this?

I've tried

restarting the machine and resetting the agent
changed scheduled time/window on the policy, then do update client config
The client gets the new client config (time stamp changes right away on client config changed), but still doesn't seem to run the delta software policy.

I confirmed the agents are all current version/updated.

I'm not sure what to check or do next.  I've seen it on more than one machine so the problem could be rampant but I know some machines are running the policies on schedule.

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This thread may shed some light on the issue:

If you're not running 7.1, are the machines maybe off when the inventory policy is scheduled to run?

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Thanks, that was an interesting thread.  I posted there as well.

In my testing, policies do run the next time a machine powers on if it's off at the scheduled time.

I had mine set to weekly/monthly vs custom but the reason I didn't like this is my machines are all off at 6pm, and I don't want to wake them up.  I also don't want all machines running inventory at startup (because the 6pm was missed).  

This was happening and although it's not a memory hog, with everything else happening during a computer startup/login, I just prefer to choose a time during the day and if a machine is off or asleep, it will run the next time it powers on.

It's just strange every so often I come across a machine that hasn't ran a delta or full in way too long (so far usually a laptop that is off and on randomly, but on long enough a delta or full cound run) and can't figure out why.  

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