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Tool to assess level of duplication

Created: 19 Feb 2013 • Updated: 17 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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I am looking for a Symantec tool that I can use to determine the level of data duplication in an enviroment where the company is relying on hardware vendor deduplication and data is growing too fast. I want to see if there is a case for Symantec solution that has better deduplication technology.

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hardware vendor deduplication ?

Then NBU has no knowledge whatsoever of dedupe rates.
The hardware vendor should be able to report on dedupe rates/activities.

NBU will report on dedupe if NBU deduplication is used (e.g. NBU Appliances, MSDP).

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I have read somewhere that there is a tool one can run to assess the level of "potential duplicate" in an enviroment and thereby giving the level of potential storage saving the organisation can get by using backup solutions with better dedupe technologies. Hopes this clarifies

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...there is a dedupe assessment tool, and since you're a partner, it should be available to you on PartnerNet.

Not sure how accurate it is though.

There is 1 for Backup Exec, but not sure there is 1 for NBU. Either way, check on PartnerNet.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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The only option is to use opscenter analytica, under deduplicaiton there are 3 reports

deduplication size savings,deduplication size factor,prevs post deduplication size.

You might considering Pure Disk or NBU appliance which are very good in providing deduplicaton

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The Backup Exec tool is only that by name - it has no association with Backup Exec at all and is completely standalone

You install (run) the main part on one server and then point to all of the servers you want to analyse.

It immediately gives you a capacity report (very handy!) after which it installs a light client to those servers and processes a de-dupe full backup but doesn't actually send the data anywhere.

It is only for Windows clients but does integrate SQL and Exchange into the analysis.

Lots of restrictions (locale etc etc.) but it you can get everything right and get it to work it will give you exact results based on the same de-dupe engine that all of the products use (PureDisk!)

If the copy you download from Partnernet does not show the capacity report after adding the servers in then drop a line and he will sort you the latest version out.

You do need to be a partner to use this though

Hope this helps

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Kindly find attached sizing tool


NetBackup_7_Deduplication_Sizing Tool-Basic-3.2.xlsx 178.75 KB