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Transaction Logs running 24x/day. But job def doesn't request that

Created: 03 May 2013 • Updated: 07 May 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have 10 Servers with databases on them.  Each Server runs transaction log backups 12x/day.

Three strange things at hand.

1)   I create Inc 2, Inc 3, Inc 4, Inc 5 to total 12 Incremental jobs. And when I look at the properties of the job, It appears to 'alphabetize' the Incrementals becasue when I look at the job to edit it, all my Incrementals show in the following order. Inc10, Inc11, Inc12, Inc13,Inc14, Inc1, Inc2, Inc3, Inc4, Inc5, Inc6, Inc7, Inc8, Inc9

...and I wonder if this is causing my issue of:

2)   About 1/2 of my Servers run these  transaction log backups every hour 24 hours a day even though the job definition doesn't request that.

3)  One Server in particular has the same 12 Incrementals, but the job history shows Incremental #7 runs on the 12 hours / day that it isn't supposed to be running.

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What is the recurrance pattern that you use for your incremental jobs?  If you have used the Hours recurrance pattern, then the incremental jobs will run throughout the day.  If you specify a hourly recurrance pattern of 2 hours, then the job will run every 2 hours throughout the day every day.

If you want to run your incremental jobs between certain hours of the day, see my article below

Alternatively, create a series of incremental jobs to run at the appropriate time of the date, e.g. incr1 runs at 9 a.m., incr2 runs at 10 a.m., etc. (I think this is what you are trying to do).  For these jobs, you need to use the Days (not Hous) recurrance pattern and specify the time of the day that you want the particular job to run.

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Very good.

I do already have the incremental jobs set up using the days recurrence pattern.  However, I inadvertently selected Incremental #7 to have a recurrence pattern of hourly. And that was the culprit.

Thank you again.