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Transfer backup to RD media - I need a solution

Created: 18 Oct 2011 | 4 comments

Hi I am relatively new to Backup Exec and was looking for advise for a backup solution I want to implement. I am currently running Backup Exec 12 and backing up to a 4TB SAN. I run 1 full backup a week (Friday) and incremental for the rest of the week (Monday-Thursday). I am looking at getting a Dell Power Vault RD1000 Removable Disk Storage drive for our off site backup. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how this would be configured. I want to be able to transfer my weekly full backup + incrementals to it to take off site weekly. I was thinking of doing a second full backup to the RD1000 but the full backup takes about 15 hours so would not be the best solution. Anyone have any suggestions on how this could be accomplished with BE 12? or anyone have a similar setup that would not mind offering some assistance? Like I said I am new to Backup Exec and I know there are some guru's out there that know all this stuff.

Thanks, Matt

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Personally, I'd have my Weeklies write directly to the RD1000 drive, and then via policy Duplicate to tape. 

(and I would suggest the free upgrade to v12.5 as well )

See the Admin Guide page 460

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Their is a free upgrade!? Any idea where I can get it? Never used policies so thanks for the page reference. You can get lost in the Admin Guide! I actually don't have tape. Its a B2d on the SAN and the RD1000 for off site. Trying to avoid tape this time out. Thanks for the advice... I will look into it!

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The only way to get install code for v12 (v11d?) and above is to enter your serial on File Connect.  It would only get you a step upgrade to v12.5, so if your current install is running cleanly, it may be more trouble that it is worth to upgrade


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If you are on a current maintenance then you are entitled to free upgrade to the latest BE version which is BE 2010 R3.  If you are planning on an upgrade, you should not upgrade to BE 12.5.  You should upgrade to BE 2010 R3 which is the latest version.

You should always duplicate your backups.  Do not just backup the .bkf files as if they are ordinary files.