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Transfer Symantec Endpoint Protection to another system

Created: 14 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

Hi all

I need information to transfer my Symantec Enpoint Protection Manager installation from the existing machine to another one. I am wondering if it possible to export configuration in order to import the conf to the new installation.

Thanks in advnace.

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The below articles list some of the various methods for accomplishing this:

Some more detail can be found in the following articles:

Some involve using the DR method to move the SEPM:

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How to migrate Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager(SEPM)from one machine to another machine


There are three solution when you want to migrate SEPM to another machine.

1. if you can keep your new machine's IP address and host name the same as the old SEPM machine, you can refere the following KB "Best Practices for Disaster Recovery with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager":

2. if the new machine is different IP , you can use the two method:

1)use replication method to keep all policy the same with old SEPM's Policy, you can refer to

the following docs :

2) if you don't want to do replication, you can fresh install new SEPM in new machine, and

replace sylink file to old SEP clients. How to Replace the sylink on the Client :

a. Copy of the file Sylink.xml from the server from C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\data\outbox\agent\

b. On the client computer , click Start Run, type smc -stop, and click OK.

c. Copy the Sylink.xml into the C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection folder, and replace any existing Sylink.xml file.

d. Click Start Run, type smc -start, and click OK.

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Thank you all.

I will try the replication method since my new machine has different name and IP. Are there any catches in the method described?

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I think most things are covered in the article below (one of the links in my second listed article):

Of course, as it's on a different name/IP address, you'll have to review your firewall rules again to ensure that client communications are allowed, and that the SEPM can get out to Symantec LiveUpdate for content.  You'll also need to re-apply any SEPM settings (mail servers, directory servers, etc).

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It is possible to export configuration in order to import the configuration into the new installation.There are few points which you should taken into consideration.

Check this article

Hot to move SEPM from one server to another serve

Helpful Publick KB Articles:

SEP 11

How to move Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager from one machine to another

SEP 12.1

How to move Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1 from one machine to another

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