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Transitioning from SEP 11 to Small Business, need cleanup utility

Created: 20 Jan 2010 • Updated: 22 Jul 2010 | 4 comments

I am currently running SEP Manager simultaneously (on "server A") with the new SEP 12 (on "Server B") until I move all my clients over. I tried installing the SEP 12 client on "Server A" and it appears to be continually re-installing itself, even when I try to uninstall it.

Is there a utility that will wipe out all Symantec products from that server so that I can do a clean install of SEP Small Business Client and the old SEP Management Console?


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drew at NF's picture

Having a server with the SEPSBE12 client and SEPM 11 may not be supported.

You are looking for the Symantec CleanWipe utility.  To get it, you must submit a support case with Symantec...the online support tool is the easiest way to get the utility.

Nimesh Vakharia's picture

Hi Drew, Jon, there should be no issues running SEP SBE12 client on SEPM 11 but I would recommend u do this at the tail end of your overall migration.

Jonathan B's picture

Thank you...

I don't have a problem waiting till the end of the migration, but I'm just concerned with that installation running on/off all day long (and on my file server, eek!!!)

Would this work... Can I make the old SEPM 11 clients "unmanaged" so they will still run and update, then use the CleanWipe utility to at least get the server running smoothly with the new version?

Nimesh Vakharia's picture

That solution works as well. What you could do is configure the clients (configured from SEPM Live Update Policy) to run LIve Update every few hours.

This way the SEP 11.x clients will run its update directly than having to connect to SEPM.