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Trend Micro Collector DB Error

Created: 06 May 2013 | 1 comment

For the past several weeks I have been getting the follwoing error message at exactly the same time.

Description = Problem with query: SHUTDOWN is in progress.   (query => [CVW Log] select TOP 500 l.ID, l.VLF_InfectionSource InfectionSource, VLF_InfectionDestination InfectionDestination, CVW_DetectedSite, CVW_VirusCount VirusCount,

The Trend Micro collecotr picks back up again several hours later  and everything works perfectly for the next 6 days.

Is the above message DB issue or a collector issue?

I'm using Trend Micro Control Manager Event Collector 4.3.

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lukaszfr's picture

Event Collector should be OK, "SHUTDOWN is in progress (...)" is a MS SQL Server error message which appears in DB ErrorLog when SQL Server service has interrupted somehow its normal operations (actual shutdown, restart, maybe entering in some kind of maintenance mode etc.).
I think that you should review SQL Server ErrorLog and/or contact DB Admin for more information. It's possible that some kind of sheduled backup task is the cause of the SQL service shutdown/restart.