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Trouble Backing up files on XP computer

Created: 12 Jun 2013 | 8 comments

I'm running backup exec 2010 on a Server08 box. I've been asked to backup some folders on 2 windows XP machines on the same domain. When setting up the backup I can see the XP computers under the domain, but can't see any of the structure. I also tried to add under user-defined, and same thing. I tried to add under windows system (after installing the agent on both XP computers) under favorite resources and it says that it has been added but never shows up. Any tips?

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Make sure your the Backup Exec Remote Agents on your Windows XP machines are publishing to the media server.

Make sure the Backup Exec Remote Agnet service is Started in Windows services console (start > run > services.msc)

Check the firewall settings to make sure it is not blocking connections. (XP machines should be able to communicate with the media server on port 10000)

Try telnet <machine name> 10000 from the command prompt

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Can you please look at my last post on this thread? I would appreciate some help if possible.

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Is the Remote Agent for Windows installed in the XP machines ? If yes, is the service running under a local system account & ? Lastly, open the Remote agent utility on the XP system, choose the Publishing tab & ensure the appropriate media server info is listed.

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It looks like it is a port issue. Thanks for the telnet command. It came back could not open connection to the host, on port 10000: connection failed

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Ok thats probably why Backup Exec is unable to communicate with your XP machines. try to get that  port open so you could Telnet using that command both ways (i.e. media server to XP and vice versa).

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I've opened a ticket for the port to be opened on all machines. I'll post again when I have more information.

Thank you...

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I need some more help if you're up for the task. I usually don't have this many issues when trying to do a simple backup. I have ports 10000 and 6101 open now. I've had to manually install the agents on the XP machines because I get the "Error connecting to the remote computer.  Ensure that the computer is available, has WMI enabled, and is not blocked by a firewall. 1603". When setting up the new backup job, I can now see the folder structures of the XP machines and choose what I need to be backed up, but every time I start the job, it fails within 30 seconds. I went back to my network department and in the logs they see a different port being negotiated each time I try to run the job. Do you have any idea what is causing this?