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Trouble Configuring Firewall

Created: 11 Feb 2010 • Updated: 18 Aug 2010 | 7 comments

I'm having trouble getting Symantec Client Firewall (version to identify any of the internet-enabled programs on my computer.  I've tried running the Program Scan option under Client Firewall>Configurations>Programs multiple times, but the program fails to find any of my internet applications.  I've reinstalled the application but the program still refuses to recognize the presence of any of my internet programs (Internet Explorer, SSH Client, etc.).

Although this has not affected my ability to access the internet I am worried that the software may not be functioning properly.  I would appreciate any help with this problem.

In case it helps my OS is Windows XP SP3.

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Cannot change the Internet Access setting of a program in Symantec Client Firewall.

How to block Internet connections to a specific Web site with Symantec Client Firewall

Thanks & Regards

Sandeep C Sali

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Thank you for your quick response.  However, I can't bring up either one of the sites you referenced.  Would you describe the solutions that were recommended.

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I fixed the links in Sandip's post. Try them now.


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I hope this helps.

This problem occurs when the program to which you are trying to make the change no longer exists or has been moved to a new location. To fix the problem, delete the rule and then re-create it.

This problem occurs when the program that you want to change does not exist in the specified location. To fix the problem, delete the rule and then re-create it.

You can re-create the rule manually, or you can allow Symantec Client Firewall to prompt you to create a rule the next time the program attempts to access the Internet.
To make sure that Symantec Client Firewall will prompt you to create rules, follow the directions in the document Configuring Symantec Client Firewall to prompt you to create firewall rules.

You can create a rule that will block connections to a certain Web site.

 To create a specific rule:
Start SCF.
Click Client Firewall.
Click Internet Access Control.
Click Configure.
Click System-Wide Settings.
Click Add.
In following along with the dialog boxes, create the rule with the following parameters:
Connections to other computers
Only the computers and sites listed below (click Add and enter the Web site that you want to block).
Protocols: TCP/UDP
All types of communication

Leave the rule at the end of the list.
Click OK.
Close SCF.

Thanks & Regards

Sandeep C Sali

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I tried both of the recommended fixes.  For the first part of the fix, I checked the Programs tab under Client Firewall>Configurations and there are no programs listed.  I then went to the Firewall tab (again, under Client Firewall>Configurations) and checked the Security Settings:

Client Firewall>High: Block everything until you allow it

Enable Access Control Alerts>Enabled

Alert when unused ports are accessed>Enabled.

At this point I tried running a few internet applications just to see if the firewall would at least give me a prompt to configure its access settings for the application.  There were no prompts whatsoever.  However, the firewall's log does show that it at least detected the launch of the applications I ran.

I then tried adding the rule to block outbound TCP/UDP connections.  This also didn't seem to have any effect on the ability of any of my web applications to access the internet.
Do you have any thoughts on why Symantec Client Firewall is unable to automatically scan for my internet enabled programs? or why it's not even prompting me when an application accesses the internet?

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To Mr. Sali or Whomever It May Concern:

Does anyone know why the Program Scan function (ALEScan.exe) in Symantec Client Firewall (version would fail to detect any installed internet applications?

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Does anyone have any idea why Symantec Client Firewall (version would be unable to automatically scan for my internet programs?  Your help would be appreciated.