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Trouble Ghosting Dell Optiplex 790 with Win7

Created: 06 Jul 2011 • Updated: 07 Jul 2011 | 7 comments
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I am using GhostCast Server ver  The Dell Optiplex 790 with Windows 7 32bit OS has a 320GB 7,200 RPM SATA HDD.  I created a DOS USB key with the NDIS2 drivers for NIC Intel 825729LM.   When I try to boot the PC from the USB key, it goes through everything but the execution of the Ghost.exe file.  I even tried the Floppies.  But, it would lockup trying to load and assign the RAMDrive.

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Have you tried loading the image directly from the USB key?
Since you're already booting from it, why not just copy the GHO image from the server directly onto the USB flash drive, and deploy the image locally?
It's not the best solution, sure, but it would solve your problem.
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I am sorry.  I didn't clerify that I was trying to create the first image.  I am trying to create the image from the PC to the server right now.  But the client Ghost.exe file will not execute in order to create the image.

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Since you are booting a DOS USB key, how are you addressing the fact that DOS does not support SATA and will not be able to see the hard disk?  Does your machine have a bios "compatibility mode" setting for your SATA interface to make it emulate an older PATA drive.

Frankly, if you are working with modern hardware, you should be using WinPE instead of DOS. WinPE can be provisioned with any required drivers for both the NIC and the SATA devices in your target system(s).

Can you also check the Intel NIC chipset number you posted, as I think you have an extra character in there.

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Thank you.  I wasn't aware that DOS didn't support SATA.  That could explain alot regarding the hang-ups.  I will have to try WinPE.

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When you tried WinPE did it work for you?


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This is marked solved, though no comment indicates that it was solved.

The SATA compatibility is a nice tip, but I've been using and PC-DOS boot keys with SATA drives for a few years without this problem (Optiplex 280, 320, 520, 745; ThinkCentre 7359 )...

In our case, under the same Subject line, PC-DOS isn't booting at all.  After "Starting PC-DOS", no further screen activity. 

"WinPE can be..."  leaves out a substantial part of the story.  I'd be happy to accomplish that, and yet time wise the Ghost Boot Wizard is at hand.

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I imaged OPT790 computers with Windows 7 last week. What I did was that I added each and every driver available in WinPE.

   I would also suggest looking up DOS drivers for OPT790 computer network adapter if you are using PC DOS or Windows PE drivers if imaging with Win PE.