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Trouble with nbperfchk

Created: 18 Oct 2013 • Updated: 07 Aug 2014 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have a issue with nbperfchk. My write test was successfull. I used the command nbperfchk -i zero: -o T:\test -s 80g -syncend.

Now I want to do the read test and use the command: nbperfchk -i T:\test -bs 1M -o NUL.

All i get in the console are the following lines:

9 MB @ 0.0 MB/sec, 0 MB @ 0.0 MB/sec, at 1382082483.

The last number counts up every line by 3, the rest stays the same. for over 2 hours now. 

Am I doing something wrong or is there a hardware/software issue?

Thanks for your help

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watsons's picture

Try with this:

nbperfchk -i T:\test -bs 1024k -o NUL

bumblebeeman85's picture

i have tried it now... this is what i get


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I believe your command prompt is "run as administrator", isn't it?

What if you just try with C:\somefile.txt   (assume somefile.txt exists in C:\) ? 

Might want to check with Symantec support...

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Hi Bublebeeman85,

Sorry, I'm editing my earlier comment. But essentially you can try experimenting with different buffer size value, e.g. 4096k.



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i have the same issue. Did you find a resolution ?

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Just found that nbperfchk was having this issue back in &, from what I know it is fixed in &

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thanks for the update watsons