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Trouble using Ghost via IDE-R

Created: 27 Oct 2012 | 1 comment


I am trying to reimage desktops in our remote offices and is currently running into issues where the Ghost boot disk is not seeing the hard disk when I boot using IDE-R .  If I place the actual CD into the desktop and boot using the same ISO it goes through properly.

The desktops has been configure to with Intel VPro AMT so  we can remotely reboot/shutdown/power on the desktops with no problems.

We created the Ghost boot disk using the following parameters "ghost -clone, src=@mcTEST,dst=2 -sure -rb".  We used the Intel Management or Landesk to reboot the desktop and redirect to the IDE-R CDR ISO and the desktop boots correctly but never hits the session name "Test". 

As a test we used a regular network Ghost boot disk and tested on a local desktop in the office and went through the step by step and after selecting Mulitcast we noticed the error where Ghost was not able to see the local disk or not registering.  If we use the same ISO and create a CD and boot up there is no issues.

Anyone has any experience using Intel Vpro and Ghosting desktops remotely?

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My guess is that the boot process from the ISO is mounting on different drive letters to the boot from a CD, and consequently your Ghost command is not accurate for that configuration.

The other possibility where a boot image is unable to see a hard disk is a lack of appropriate drivers for the disk subsystem.

Since you have not included information on the version of Ghost you are using, or whether you are booting DOS or WinPE, it is not possible to give a more relevant answer.

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