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Troubleshoot symantec security virtual appliance (SVA)

Created: 14 Jan 2013 | 7 comments

Symantec has introduced VShield integration feature with 12.1 but they do not have good guideline on troubleshooting and how it works (network level, ports etc.)

Recently I’ve installed 2 SVA and both of them are showing offline in SEPM console – I’m really not sure how to troubleshoot this and bring them online.

Please assist if anyone have gone through this type of issue?


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you should check the basic connectivity

if windows firewall is on, turn it off and check it

port should be 8014 or port what you chose when you installed SEPM

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SVA appliance is rechable from SEPM server. Firewall is turnned off already on SEPM. SEPM and SVA are in same network zone.

There is no specific documnet/guidelines from Symantec on how it works/troubleshoot.

Hard to use vShield feature.

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You can raised for support ticket for same.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Do you have restart system or something other activity ?

I think it's take some time for taking online ....

Good to hear your problem resolved...

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Showing offline again. Even have installed only two SEP clients and they too are offline.

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There is very very little information on this appliance. In fact, there's nothing other than very basic "how to install". They don't say why you do what you do (which is critical for senior network staff to have) or what to do if something doesn't work - worse, you have no idea if something isn't working like it should.

I also have a big question that no one can answer (and don't anyone come back with "read this" links to the administrator guide or an "about" document just to earn connect points. That system has lowered the quality of respnoses here considerably!)

The documents say to export (manually) the sylink file from the group in SEPM you wish the SVA to support.
BUT - we have 4 major computer groups in SEPM, each with at lleast 1 subgroup under them. Does
this mean I choose one of several groups, export the xml file, install the SVA using that file, and my other major groups are left high and dry?
We have all virtual servers - about 22 of them - and have for several years. We are moving to VDI very quickly, but it seems this SVA is very immature - has no real support for server protection, and will only support ONE single group in SEP?

We have our main user group - I exported that XML file and used with the SVA install. We have another group of computers that our clients use - those we serve to assist with jobs, assistive technology, training, etc. - so does that mean when we create the images to be used with VDI for that computer group, they can't use the SVA?

There is no documentation, no support at all once this thing is installed. IT's "here is sort of how to install it" but there is no "here is how to use it", and certainly nothing telling us what is normal, how to troubleshoot, where to find thigns, how to configure AFTER it's installed, nothing.

So - it would appear this is a single limited purpose appliance, does just one thing, and does it only for one of your SEP groups, and that's it. Is that correct?

Why are there no documents on how to use, troubleshoot, or configure or change AFTER the install? There is no interface at all. How do I get other computer groups in SEPM to use this?

Here's my guess - no one knows how to answer those questions as it's something they acquired and none of the contracted support has been trained nor were they supplied with information on it. And none of the online support volunteers have actually installed and used it.