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Troubleshooting & How-To Articles Created By Technical Support, Trusted Advisors, and others for you!

Created: 14 May 2009 • Updated: 19 Aug 2010 | 15 comments

We've created this "aggregation" of articles created by our technical support staff, along with our Trusted Advisors, among others, to help you. These articles have received quite a few positive votes, comments, etc., and we want to ensure your access to them remains as easy as possible.

I'll add to this list as others are created, or I see new articles get upwards of 10+ votes.



Capturing network communication packets with Wireshark Utility (Technical Support Video)

How to use SEP to protect against rogue browser helpers -

Tech Support Top 25 articles (updated by support)

Troubleshooting LiveUpdate Issues

How to capture Sep/Sepm communication logs with SylinkMonitor of MR3 onwards

Advanced Troubleshooting with DebugDiag (Technical Support Video)

Centralized exceptions policies - why to use them and how to configure them

How to create a new reporting, virtual directory IIS manager Troubleshooting...

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Trapps's picture

I just recieved a new laptop with vista 64 bit. i install the 10.2 client, it's managed. it tells me the virus defs are old and has a yellow exclamation point on the laptop name. .is this supported by 10.2 ????


Jeremy Dundon's picture

64bit clients cannot get virus definitions from a SAV server, as it is 32bit and has only 32bit definitions .

The only way for those clients to get virus definitions is to run LiveUpdate manually.

This was resoved in SEP by having the SEPM download and maintain both 32bit and 64bit definitions.

Nel Ramos's picture

This is the kind of things we need.
simple and direct to the point.
A link to vevery problem encountered.
Hi Hear4U, could we have a blog where all problems are then give solutions in links...
easier to navigate from.

Nel Ramos's picture

Able to launch Support Tool- Gave report but no indication of how to fix problem--



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Thank you Eric for sharing the article


Ajit Jha

Technical Consultant

ASC & STS's picture

I have just deploy SEP11, My problem is my users with admin rights logs are update,  scan log, risk log, &  System log, but the non admin user arnt

Also the log is set to delete all entry older than 14 days,    the admin users work fine, the non admin users dont

what did i desabel to cause the problem

John_Prince's picture


This is working as designed.  Writing all detection records to the current user's private log file would expose file and path information that might otherwise be hidden to limited users. Limited users should only be able to view records related to their own actions (i.e. user-generated manual or scheduled scans).

Anyone logging in as an Administrator you will get full access to the logs.

Remote Product Specialist, Business Critical Services, Symantec

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You should really start a new thread for your issue, as Forum users may not scroll down to see your post.


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Solution to your proposal could be create on Connect a Books section ( already existing in Juice). 

I posted the idea here : Books

Hope that it helps to create a single point where find a large collection of rilevant articles, blogs, etc. that describe a single argument.