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Troubleshooting Software Delivery Issues

Created: 16 Jul 2012 • Updated: 02 Aug 2012 | 7 comments
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We are experiencing intermittent issues with software delivery in an SMP 7.1 SP2 environment. With different package servers, and random machines we see packages not downloading or not showing any information (i.e. with you click on the package the tabs 'summary', 'details', 'download history', 'run history' are all blank). If you check the computer with RAAD tool it shows no applications under the SWD tab (even with the hide disabled option not checked).

I have tried basic troubleshooting with no luck. I'd like to not have to be able to reinstall plugins or the agent, but I was curious what a good first step would be in troubleshooting issues like these? Maybe someone else has seen similar issues?

I understand there are a lot variables that I am not including, but I am curious to get some 'nudges' in the right direction so I can troubleshoot the issue myself.

I appreciate any help.

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Dmitri Dragunov's picture


May I ask you few queations:

How do you assign the client computers on package server?

If you disable for a while(untill policy dissapears form clients UI) and then enable the policy. Will the path of the packages appear on the problematic computers? or it will disappear on some else computers?



J Henderson's picture

Hi Dmitri,

The client computers are assigned to package servers based off their subnets (i.e. all subnets for a site are assigned to the SMP site).

Disabling the package and renabling as no effect. We are seeing a wide spread of issues (i.e. on a few machines the package is showing as disabled, on a few machines no SWD packages are showing at all).

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you may want to check the site servers have the packages. I've had this before that they were waiting for the site server to get the packages. Once this occurred they didnt instantly pick the packages up. Sometimes i've had to force the site server to do an update and it would then pick up the packages.

The other reason for this we found was that some of the task servers were windows 2008 and the ASP was set for .net and not classic mode.

"2008 Task Servers:  Though already mentioned above, there are some items of note fir 2008 R2 severs that run IIS7 by default.  The main thing we see is that, by default in version 7.0 and 7.1 sp1, Task Servers often don't work "out of the box".  This is almost always a very quick "fix" involving going into IIS and modifying the default app pool to operate in Classic instead of Integrated mode.

  1. On a server with shared roles, this may not be possible, so you can modify the ClientTaskServer application instead to use the classic-mode app pool.  It has the same net effect, and is what we do on the NS.

  2. To find where to change this, go to Server Manager\Roles\Web Server and highlight "Internet Information Server".  Then, in the next pane to the right, expand your server name and highlight Application Pools.  Here you can change the Default App Pool (highlight it) and at the right, select Basic Settings.  This shows you the integrated option and you can change it to Classic.  Alternatively, if you continue browsing in the 2nd pane to Sites\Default Web Site\Altiris, right-click ClientTaskServer, select Manage Application\Advanced Settings and you can switch from using the Default App Pool to the Classic Mode App Pool."

Regards Jim.
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Dmitri Dragunov's picture

Do you see any problems in Logs?

For more information about where you can find logs please see

Do you have enough licenses for all client computers?

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Also are you seeing anything in the error logs on your NS server?

Set it to errors and start fishing through to see if any of the devices names show up in the logs or anything stands out. 

Regards Jim.
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Have you tried deleting policy.xml's from the problem clients?  You haven't mentioned if these are policies or tasks, but if you are only trying policies and not tasks, it could be corrupted policies.

If you haven't tried tasks yet, please do and report back.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

J Henderson's picture

Thanks for everyone's response. I did try deleting the policy .xmls and letting them repopulate. It ended up being that some of our machines didnt have the software packages in the default location (around 50% of 8,000) machines. I am assuming something happened in our upgrade process. When the default location is not used, the packages do not show up using the RAAD tool.

Thanks again.