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truble with installing

Created: 26 Nov 2012 • Updated: 07 Dec 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello, everybody.
i hope that u can help me.

i had installed Endpoint on one server, configured database with help loaded script on another, but when we installed Enforce we got mistake, see it in attach. 

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did you check the install log? does it list any error?

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When I fill the menu of the installer about database and installer trying to connect database show error (which can you see in attachment to first message). There is no install log, because installer not started copy files.

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since you can authenticate using sql plus, the connection is good. However it might be slow authentication, hence the timeout. Any sql error code ? that should help.

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In your screenshot:


you connect to a Oracle which the SID is inet****

But, in your screenshot:


you connect to inet

So, the question is: what the name of your Oracle SID that you create from DLP DB template?

You need to input the correct SID during the installation.

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I have put a new picture. And new information from support:

Article ID in Vontu knowledge base: 54492

Solution: kill process sqlplus after click "next" in setup.

New error:
The installer has detected that the Oracle database is configured to use an incorrect character set: CL8ISO8859P5
Symantec DLP requires the Oracle database to use the "AL32UTF8" character set

But we can not change character set...

Someone solved this problem?

setup.jpg error.jpg
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You need to change Oracle characterset.  Your DBA or Oracle support should be able to assist.  It's not an easy process and needs to be done before installing DLP Enforce.  If this is a new installation, you may be better off with starting form the beginning and installing Oracle from scratch with the correct character set option. For the upgrade you need to convert the DB characterset to AL32UTF8.  More info is provided in Oracle Installation Guide and Symantec_DLP_11.1.1_Install_Guide_WIN.pdf.

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Illich, I think you have not followed std installtion process. I think u shuold first install Enforce and Oracle database then us hould go to install endpoint server since there may be the DB connectiviti issue with servers. Also verify whether set up is not corrupt.

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Thank you Margaret_M!
Solution:Convert the DB characterset to AL32UTF8.