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trying to cancel SLP

Created: 04 Dec 2012 | 9 comments


trying to 'kill" slp's  getting this messege

F:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbstlutil  cancel -force -lifecycle dmz-slp

"Forcing ongoing Lifecycle image processing session to end "

 which is fine and logic, but it never ends.. runing for an hour by now



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I presume you means the actual duplications are running.

The nbstlutil cancel command cancels 'pending' SLP operations, not running ones.

So cancel the individual jobs in activity monitor, then run nbstlutil cancel to prevent them from running in the future.


Regards,  Martin
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Itai's picture  SLP job is running.. I would not trouble if that was the case :)   :(

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OK, well, in that case, how many SLP images are there - if the is a large number of images in the NBDB database, this command could take quite some time to run.

Looking at that message, it looks like nbstserv is in the middle of something, hence the 'image processing' bit ...  and if (because I do not know if you have many images or not ...) there are many images,, I can quite easily understand this taking some time.

At the moment, there is no error, so given what I know at this exact second it is difficult to say what is/ what is not normal for your environemnt.

I think you will have to wait and see what happens.  The only other option I see is to bounce nbstserv, but this will cause it to go into a 'recovery mode' when it restarts and if there are many images, this could take a considerable amount of time.

It would, be useful to know approx how many images there are under SLP control, are we talking a few hundred, or in the 1000's 


Regards,  Martin
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Hi again Martin, only 3 SLP jobs exist , runs at same hours every afternoon-night, shouldn't take long time, I guess , that nbstserv really busy with something else..can I figure what with? or it's not of my buisness? :)

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ok newsflash

just now got this

"cannot connect to nbstserv"

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OK, so now we have a failure.

1st question, is nbstserv process running ?

Vx logs


Legacy logs that are involved ...

You have a peep in these and see if there is anything to be seen ....
Regards,  Martin
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Hi Martin, 

What if the nbstserv logs are not getting populated

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If nothing is running then check for bpbrm and bptm processes running on the media servers - if orphaned these will maintain the hold on the SLPs and stop you setting them as inactive or being cancelled

Work a check (or even a reboot to make sure everything is clean)

If you are going to cancel SLPs then make them inactive first to prevent anything processing them whilst you cancel them

Hope this helps

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What netbackup version? 

That error shows that nbstserv was probably shutting down or crashed, any application fault report on event logs?

Enable nbstserv verbose logs as shown in

You can restart nbstserv service again manaully and check if that issue persists.