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Trying to deploy Office 2010 with DS 6.9

Created: 29 Feb 2012 | 5 comments

I am having an identical issue that Sammy had in this post:

I can map the drive and run the setup.exe succefully silent. I have tried the suggestions from the other users, but cannot seem to get this working.

Any help?



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Run as currently logged on user, who should have admin rights.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
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If the logged on user does not have admin rights (like Mike above suggested), then you may need to specify in the job who the job should run as (someone with administrative rights).  In Windows 7, do not use "System User" as this will more than likely fail everytime.

Brian Hawver
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I ran into what I thought was a lot of problems when deploying Office 2010 (x86 or x64) to Windows 7 x64 clients but it turned out to be an overlooked permissions issue. Office 2007 jobs would run fine located in the same folder on the deployment share so I couldn't pinpoint the issue.

Turned out that permissions were not set properly on the parent folder for 'Authenticated Users'. Changed the permissions for this group to Read & Execute and viola Office installs silently when running script on client computer as the local system account and UAC is enabled.

Hope that helps!


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What I do in our environment is the following:

1. Wrap the Office installer source into a WIM image;

2. Copy the WIM, MSP and possibly patches down to the client;

3. Extract the WIM locally (depending on the OS x64/x86 use the appropriate ImageX.exe)

4. Run Script task (Local System account, UAC remains enabled !) <Local drive and path>\setup.exe /adminfile <Local name and path of the MSP>

5. Cleanup installer sources.

Never had issues with that and have the benefits of:

- Being able to pre-stage the install source on clients

- Having the opportunity to leave the WIM and additional files on the client;

- Just run a script task in the end to perform the actual installation.

Since HD space capacity nowadays is no longer an issue, we usually leave the WIM and MSP on the drive so in case we can update it at any point. In addition, I have to say that we use maintenance windows to pre-stage install larger sources on clients (i.e. Office, SAP, etc.).

Maybe this helps?


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I have put in my script here, update it with your appropriate server and file locations.
@echo off
REM Install Office 2007
REM   Service Packs are installed by adding *.msp to <networkshare>\Updates
REM To reconfigure the adminfile use the Customization Utility (the following command)
REM     \\servername\location\Microsoft\O2k7\setup /admin
start /w \\servername\location\Microsoft\O2k7\setup /adminfile \\servername\location\Microsoft\O2k7\MyUpdates\FullInstall.MSP