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trying to get more multiplexing with SAP backups

Created: 26 Nov 2013 | 2 comments

We generally run a multiplex level of 4 to 8 on our Standard backups.  I'd like to get up to that level with SAP backups.

This is my understanding of how SAP interacts with Netbackup (without Rman in this case, but I think its similar):

The DBA's generally have me define the backup policies with multiplex of 2.

In the init<SID>.utl file they will then (for example) specify a setting of "DRIVES 4".  So 4 Netbackup jobs will get submitted and the Multiplexing setting will then cause two drives to be used (4 / 2).

But no other jobs running will then multiplex with this backup.  And I then have sets of SAP backup jobs queue up because each wants their own one or two drives.

What do most shops do with SAP and Multiplexing?  Can I get more Multiplxing across SAP backups?

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we are using a mpx-factor of 5.
In detail we are using SAP with rman-backup und set drives to "5", which then creates 5 rman-channels in our case. In your env. you will accordingly get 5 backint-jobs running in parallel.
The drives (we are using LTO4, accessable shared in the SAN) are also set to multiplex 5 streams in max.

We have one bigger SAP-Instance where we are using 2 Drives in parallel, so that we configured SAP-NBU-Integration to create 10 Streams (drives=10).

Hope that helps?:-)


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For large SAP databases I use NON-MPX or a MPX of 2. Large SAP databases uses hardware with little or no limitation on throughput and therefore eliminating the need for multiplexing.

Depending on the SAP landscape, SAP backup are cloned to test and development systems. This cloning seen from the Netbackup side is just a regular restore. But restore with MPX will increase the restore times, often quite dramatic. So adapt with expectation from the SAP department.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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