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Trying to move W2K8 SBS from virtualization to physical machine

Created: 20 Jan 2012 | 3 comments

I have a Windows 2K8 R2 SBS Server what was installed in VMWARE VSphere 4.1 virtualized environment.  We would like to move it to a physical machine.  Can I use BESR 2010 or SSR 2011 to take an image of the drive and use the restore to different hardware option to restore to a new drive on the physcial hardware?  The system has no RAID.  Single disk in the VMWARE config.

To make matters worse, or more complicated, the person who setup changed the VSphere root login credentials so we cannot login to manage VSphere.  This person is no where to be found!  I did find an article on VMWARE's site on resetting the credentials but it seems sketchy.  Still not sure I could convert back to Physical even if I had the VSphere credentials.

I'm not very familair with virtualization.  Have used it a few times ot create virtual machiens, but never tired to convert one back to physical.  See plenty of articles on how to convert physical -> virtual but hardly nothing on going the other way around.

Any advice would be appreciated

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You'd just need to install the BESR Agent into the virtual machine, create a full backup of all drives and then start a hardware independet recovery and a physical machine.

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You need to have a good backup of the Virtual Machine before you do this. You can install the BESR 2010 or SSR 2011 on the VM.

1. Take the backup of all the drives and save the backed up files (*.v2i) on a location which can be accessed via physical server

2. You can now use the SRD (Symantec Recovery Disk) to boot the physical server. You can get this downloaded from our Symantec website. Under trialware section select System recovery 2011 and proceed further

3. Use the Restore Anywhere option to restore the image on to the physical server

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Have you been able to run the v2p conversion yet ?

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