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Two BackupExec 2012 media servers to backup a windows 2012 cluster

Created: 13 Nov 2013 • Updated: 27 Dec 2013 | 4 comments
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I have two Symantec Backup Exec 2012 media servers and each media server has a tape library.
I have a Windws server 2012 cluster. How can i use two Backup Exec 2012 media servers to backup a Windows 2012 cluster? or Is it possible? Is it one to one ?

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* Media Server 1 + tape library

* Media Server 2 + tape library

* 1 x cluster (2 nodes)

Is this correct? If so, then you only need to use 1 of the media servers to backup the cluster. 1 node would always be inactive which the active node is used for backups. No need to backup the inactive node unless you're backing up the System State and some additional files. Certainly no cluster shares would be backed up.

You're going to end up with overkill if you try backing up a single cluster of 2 nodes with 2 media servers.


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Yes, you are correct. Both media servers are in dedicate standalone server.
I want to use two media servers to load balance the workload.

Can CASO achieve my goal ?

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Then you need to cluster your media servers. But backing up 1 server (albeit a're still only backing up the virtual node!) with 2 media servers is going to be huge overkill, unless you have a massive cluster. The only other way around this would be to use the 1 media server to backup the active node cluster resources (ie. databases or whatever the cluster is), and the other media server to backup System State, C:\ drive etc.

Bear-in-mind that the RAWS agents on each physical node need to now point to 2 different media servers, and you are going to have multiple VSS snapshots with 2 media servers backing up resources (physical or virtual) at the same time which can possibly lead to issues such as snapshots not clearing correctly, slow performance etc.


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OK if you cluster backup exec itself it ends up as a failiover cluster not a load balanced cluster

Making the two existing media server into a CAS and MMS/MBE pair with a CASO/ESO setup will allow you to create job in a central location but have either server run the jobs themselves and to a certain extent you can set it up so that a basic form of load balancing can occur where each job can pick an available server or be setup to always run on one server.

It is not one one a one relationship between remote agents and media servers you can backup multiple remote agents with one media server but also backup one remote system with 2 media servers, however there are some points to make about this

1) Make sure the remote agents advertise/publish to all media servers that may need to run backups

2) Make sure that the agent to media server trust rleationships are setup between all remote servers and  all the media servers thatmight run backups

3) Be very careful with incremental and differential jobs as the chain of jobs to the last full may have to be on the same media server

4) Be very careful about job sheduling in terms of don't start backup jobs on both media servers to backup the same remote system at the same time