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Two master servers connected to a common tape library

Created: 24 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

Hi guys,

Is it possible for two master servers to be connected to a common library? We already have an existing master server, customer wanted to add an additional master server.  For this case, do we setup the new master with its own EMM server or use the existing master EMM.

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i really do not know the reason why you have decided to get a new master server. but i know for some libraries, there is something we call partition, and also at the zoning level, drives can be shared amongst the master servers. but i really need to know the justification for the additional master server.

Ayodeji Oni

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But they can not share the same logical library, they must be distinct partitions, and they should not share access to the same drives (this will break things badly)

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You cannot have 2 masters controlling the same tapes...

So what is the reason you want this?

Because you want more then one server doing backups?  add a media server
Because you want a fail-over if your master fails? - cluster
Because you have 1 robot but want 2 masters handling 2 locations?  - virtual libraries in the same robot.

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