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Two msi installs

Created: 04 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

My system have two is a.msi,second is b.msi,while installing a.msi b.msi also installing?what,s reason

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Do you mean that b.msi is repairing?  The MSI service will only perform one install at a time, so you really need to give us more information on your scenario.

However, make sure that the two installs have different product codes, and that there are no identical files in a.msi and b.msi which have different guids.

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no,b.msi is individual msi and it's getting installed which is exist in system,while installation of a.msi.

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Enable MSI logging in the registry and then check the MSI logs that are generated. Also check the application event log for clues as to what is going on.

Also, you have not actually answered any of my questions.

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Correct me if i'm wrong but I think you are saying that b.msi is already installed then when you try to install a.msi you see b.msi install being fired again.  If this is true, then this is an msi repair and it means that a.msi modify a key value from b.msi.  Each components in an msi has a detection key configured, if that key is altered then windows installer will trigger a repair of the component.

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Its simple...a.msi will be calling b.msi to get installed.

->You can check the same using any MSI editing tool-WPS and check the CA(Custom Action) which are calling b.msi to get installed.

-> As said by @EDT, best option is to check the MSI log file.


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I think it would be useful to check the posting date before responding to posts. I imagine that the OP has probably got a solution - or given up - 2 months after posting! :-)

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