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two policies to be run on single drive on same time

Created: 10 Sep 2013 • Updated: 12 Sep 2013 | 7 comments
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NBU 7.5 Single Tape Drive LTO-6 two different policies one for hyper-V VM and other is for BMR Backup both are using same tape Media same SU but one is in queued until other one is complete, i want to make this configuration so both job run samultenously without queued each other. please help me out to make it possible.

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Try below:

Open admin gui -> host properties -> master server -> open <master server name> properties -> global properties. Set maximum number of jobs per client to your expected number.

Try taking concurrent backups.



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mandar thanks for response but my friend option you are talking about is for the same clients, but here i have two differnet clients two policies but a single tape drive......

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Enable the Mulitplexing..

in Storage unit.

in both policy schedules.

hope that would help.. 

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thanks for your response i have two client so should i need to enable 2 number of multiplexing in both SU and Policy as well???

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You need to have the multiplexing level of the drive set to at least 2

You need to have the multiplex value in all schedules set to the same value (which must be at least 2)

You need to have the same retention period set for the schedules or you must allow multiple retentions per media in the Master Servers host properties

If you satisfy ALL of the above then both jobs will be able to write to the single tape drive

Hope this helps

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In addition to enabling MPX in STU and schedules, verify that same pool is used for both policies and that the same retention is used in both schedules.

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Why ?

If the performace of each backup is good, then MPX together will do nothing other than write both jobs at the same time, the total time of the two backups will be pretty much the same as if they were run separately. However, the restores will be slower due to MPX, so overall you create a probelm.


Regards,  Martin
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