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Two process Failed during system startup

Created: 17 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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I want to configure SFHA without any replication, only two node cluster. I instaled SFHA 5.1 sp1rp3 on RHEL 5.5. During system startup I've two errors, vxvvrsecdgd and vxcached "FAILED". I can't find for what this process are responsible ? It's normal situation or I need to worry ?



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vxcached is responsible for expanding all the cache components relating to Flashsnap Space Optimized snapshots. VxCached is the daemon which handles the autogrow capability associated with SOSS cache objects. There is a man page for vxcached.

vxvvrsecdgd on the other hand is responsible for monitoring a Secondary Bunker Disk Group.  There is also a a man page for this daemon as well.

If you are not using VVR or Flashsnap then these two services should not cause you any issue by failing to start.

Joe D