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Two Questions

Created: 16 Jul 2010 • Updated: 16 Aug 2010 | 1 comment
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1. DLP 9 oracle db upgrading to DLP 10.5.  Can the DB be backed up, DLP 10.5 installed and the DB reestored or does the whole suite have to be upgraded from 9-10-10.5 DB included?

2.  I know that you can purge incidents based on role, but other than fine tuning policies, is there a way to automatically purge incidents? 

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Here are some answers:
1) You could do Cold-Backups to your DB - see the KB below from the knowledge base
2) I do not know of a way to automatically purge incidents. Incidents that are deleted from the enforce are purged every X amount of time from the DB.

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Naor Penso

NOTE: Symantec DLP does not support Hot Backup Procedures.

Backup Scenarios:

Hot Backup: To maintain your Oracle within a 24x7 environment with continual access through the UI, you must have the Oracle hot backup enabled. This must be setup and maintained by your DBA in order to comply with your company archival policies. Hot backups allow you to maintain 24x7 real-time alerts and notifications.  Symantec DLP Support will not be able to assist with the setup of a Hot Backup solution.

Cold Backup: Cold Backups allow you to perform scheduled backups without having a DBA involved. During the backup, you will not get real time notification and alerts and you will not be able to log into the UI. Note that incidents will be collected continuously, even during the backup window, and there will be no loss of incidents! Detailed steps to perform cold backups can be outlined by Symantec DLP support.

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