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Two storage servers in one domain

Created: 30 Nov 2012 • Updated: 23 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi experts,
I configured two 5020 appliances as standalone appliances the first named appliance1 SPA and the second appliance2 SPA.i added the appliance1 to the master server as pure disk storage server .my concern is can I add the second appliance to the same domain?why? I need to send some data to the first appliance and send some other data to the second appliance.

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Yes why not? If I understand it correctly.

You have 1 master server and want to add 2 standalone appliance in the same environment. You can definately do this but make sure you have both the appliance with different name as in your example you are calling both of them as SPA. You have to add both the appliance name in the Master server properties(or I guess you already know about it...)

Also once you have added both the appliance as storage server you will create the diskpools and then create 2 storage units/ 1 per appliance You can transfer the data as you wish.

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Thank you . Here I have a clarification: the appliances are with absalutely different names and ip address ofcourse,I mentioned SPA to inform you that they are not in the same storage pool.
About adding them to the master master properties is not clear! Do you mean to add them in the host file.because one of them is already added and working fine but now Iam trying to add the second one to the environment starting from the credential > add storage server > pure disk then added the name of the appliance and choose the media server how is the owner then added the credentials but the problem started here that the storage server succeccfully added then as you know the wizard starting add the disk pool I get empty page now pure disk for the new appliance is shown.,so I could not complete the configuration.
Please advice!
May I missed some things to add or configure.please lemme know what you mean to add them to the master server properties.

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apolgies for the confusion!

Yes ->host - master server properties - servers -add that appliance name here

Also at what screen you don't see the available space, can you share the screenshot. Make sure if it is at the select volumes screen then you have to select the check box for the volume pool. If check box for volume pool is not selected it will show total space as 0.

add the disk pool I get empty page ->

You getting empty page or no space. As per your other thread you don't see the space while adding the volume. Please help us with screenshot.