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U antivirus Disk

Created: 06 Apr 2012 • Updated: 13 Apr 2012 | 4 comments

I operate a machine at work that  cannot run with antivirus software installed.  It is not recommended to hook to a LAN system so viruses can be avioided.

Files can be loaded on machines however using usb memory sticks .  I have found out however that you can still receive a virus even using these.  The owners manual of this particular machine mentions to use a U antivirus disk and run the program on this disk after booting the machine up and entering Safe Mode.  Since I have never heard of such a disk I am assuming that this is simply an antivirus program loaded on a memory stick or something.  Pardon my ignorance.    Can anyone enlighten me on what this is

Thanks for any help

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I searched "U Antivirus" and came up empty. What is the OS of this system? Is it the system requirments that is keeping you from running an AV product? You are correct about infections being passed through USB memory devices. This is a common vector for threats to spread. If you cannot install AV on this computer, then make sure to scan the USB drives from systems with an AV product installed before transfering files to this system.

If you feel the system is infected, you might try scanning with the Power Eraser Tool.

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Please copy those files into USB.

Scan the USB in a Machine where the SEP is installed( This machine should not be in the LAN and this must be a stand alone PC with Endpoint Client Up to Date with Virus definitions)

Turn off Auto Run and Autp Play in that Machine so that it wil not be infected.

Scan the USB drive completely and make sure it is clean.

Then you can load the files on the n/w machines.

Hope this helps :)

Good Luck

Good Luck!

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One would think, that since the system cannot be put onto the network, but can still be infected... 

U antivirus disk would be a "bootable USB key" with an anti-virus on it or a USB key where an anti-virus application has been installed.

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You did not mention the OS of the system that cannot be placed onto the LAN...