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Unable to backup CIFS shares on Netapp FAS3040 using Backup Exec 2012 without NDMP

Created: 20 Sep 2013 | 5 comments

I'm trying to backup a CIFS share on our Netapp FAS3040 filer using Backup Exec 2012. NDMP is not an option for our setup.

The media server is a physical server and the tape library (IBM TS3100) is connected via fibre.

When attempting to "Add a new File Server", it hangs for ages, but eventually goes through and I can see the new filer appear in the list of servers. However when i go to configure a backup job, i'm not able to view any selections on the filer. I've been searching around on the net for the last few hours about this and found a list of possible solutions, which are pretty much all documented on this link below, which i've done, but i'm still not getting any luck with it:

Also, testing the credentials against the filer also takes forever. Interestingly, I can view all of the CIFS shares in the Test/Edit credentials screen, and the credential test against the filer itself is actually successful. But the checks against all of the CIFS shares fails using a domain account or the root account for the filer. The domain account has full control over the shares + the NTFS security.

Can anyone offer any insight as to why this doesn't work? From what i've read, it should do. Although I am expecting a warning error message to appear on each backup stating that the Backup Exec Remote Agent is not available.



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Have you "Enable Selection of user shares". See this technote, it should be helpful

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Please go ahead and change the NDMP port on Backup Exec server. Change it to anything other that port 10000.


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Changing the NDMP port will work.  You may need to block the outgoing on port 10000 from the media server to the NAS.  See point 2 of Colin Weaver's comment below

You might want to try out the various trouble-shooting steps that Colin suggested.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have already tried doing all three. Maybe I haven't configured one of them correctly, here's what i've done below:

- "Enable Selection of user shares" is ticked.

- I've added this to the "services" files on the BE media server: "NDMP 12000/tcp #BE remote agent".

- Port 10000 outbound to the Netapp is already blocked in the firewall.

I wasn't sure if since I changed the NDMP port to 12000 whether I should block that to the Netapp also. I just tried that, but still have the same results. Also, as a test, i tried doing a telnet on both of these ports to the Netapp from another server which didn't have the block rules in place and neither could connect, so I don't think it's listening on these ports anyway.

Any other ideas? Or did I mis-configure something above?


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hi im having the same problem did anyone manage to resolve the issue im using backup exec 2010 r2