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Unable To Backup Particular VMs

Created: 23 Aug 2012 | 7 comments

I’m running BE 2012 SP1A and I have an issue backing up VMs under a particular folder.  I have 2 jobs:  One for all VMs except for Citrix VMs and another job for Citrix VMs.  The Citrix folder is a subfolder of the root.  I have several other subfolders with VMs underneath them as well.  The VMs in the root and all other sub folders back-up fine.  Whenever I try to back-up the Citrix folder I get the error message: 

"Error 0xe000942a – Backup Exec did not find any resources to include in the backup.  Check the backup selections for this job and make sure it includes resources that are available for backup."

I’ve edited the job and can browse and select the VMs in the Citrix folder.  If I move the Citrix folder VMs to the root I can back it up.  If I move it to any other existing folder I can also back it up.  However I can’t back up VMs under the Citrix folder.  I created a new folder; put a Citrix server in there and that backup failed as well.  I can backup the server if I add a job backing up the ESXi host directly and use the root credentials.

So it would definitely appear that the issue is a permissions one to the Citrix folder and new folders that I create.  As with my other BE 2012 site that works fine, I have a domain account assigned with the administrator role defined at the Cluster level and propagated down.  This was set in Host & clusters.  Although I never see the permissions on the folder when I select VMs & templates on the folder, I do see the permissions propagated to the VM.  (Also note that the permissions are identical for all other subfolders that work for backups.)

So it’s very weird.  I can understand if I couldn’t back up anything, but I can back up everything, except VMs in  one folder and newly created folders.

Any idea what might be going on?


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I guess it is something to do with the selection list. BE 2012 has a known issue where A selection list that has exclusions configured can fail with the error above:

Edit the job and Deselect the entire server, and only select the data that needs to be backed up. In other words, don't configure any exclusions.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the feedback.  However I do have a separate job for the Citix server vm backups and they only have the single folder selected (in other words, as you have said - only inlcusions - no exclusions)

My other VM backup job has exlusions and this job works perfect.

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  • Try recreating the Job. If it still fails, open a case with us.

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Can you provide a screenshot of the folder structure?

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1. While backing up virtual machines using Agent for Hyper-V

The host and guest machines can be seen in the backup selections, but all guest machines may be missing from the backup.

To resolve the issue :
Confirm all netowrk connections are functioning and nothing is blocking connections between the Hyper-V host and Backup Exec media server

  • NICs
  • cables
  • Switches
  • Firewalls

2. While backing up virtual machines using Agent for VMWare

Following is observed in the Beremote log :

BEREMOTE: [3704] ADC_ResolveDeviceName: pid = 2252, checking VMVCB::\\ServerName\Virtual Center 
BEREMOTE: [3704] ApplyRegExp(): Invalid input (VMVCB::\\ServerName\Virtual Center). Parsing Failed. 
BEREMOTE: [3704] GoodEvName(): Invalid EV device (VMVCB::\\ServerName\Virtual Center). 
BEREMOTE: [3704] RPCDsSession::GetLoginCredentials: Connecting to BEM API as user: DOMAIN.LOCAL\Administrator 
BEREMOTE: [4236] FS_CreateTempDLE 
BEREMOTE: [4236] VM_VCBPROXY_FS::DisconnectFromVCServer: status = 0X0 
BEREMOTE: [4236] SymVmTools: SOAP 1.1 fault: "":ServerFaultCode [no subcode]

This may occur due to an incorrect user name or password

To resolve this issue:
a. Use the Root account if the backup selections are done by accessing the ESX server
b. Make sure the account has BESA rights on the VCenter Server if the backup selections are done by accessing VCenter.
c. Make sure the vitual machine is selected from within the VMware vCenter and ESX Servers node available in the Backup selection list.
d. Re-create the selection list and run the backup job again.

3. While backing up SharePoint 2007 SP2 database using Agent for SharePoint.

This may occur due to incorrect permissions on SharePoint or SQL Server.

To resolve this issue:
a. Make sure the BESA account is a part of Sharpoint Administrators group.
b. Make sure the BESA account has sysadmin rights on SQL Server.
c. Add the BESA account as DBOwner on all database.
d. Make sure the SharePoint databases are selected from within the Microsoft SharePoint Server Farms node in the Backup selection list.

4. After changing Backup Exec System Account (BESA) password in Active Directory.

This occurs if BESA password has been changed in Active Directory and not updated in Backup Exec

To resolve this issue:
a. Update the BESA password in Backup Exec console by going to Network - Logon Accounts - select the BESA account - Edit - Change Password.
b. Update the new password for Backup Exec services by going to Tools - Backup Exec Services - Services Credentials - Change Service account information.
c. Restart all Backup Exec services on completing the above mentioned steps.

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If you want to quote extensively from this article

it would be better if you provide a link to the article.  Otherwise, people might think that you are plagarising.

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Please maqke sure that you are able to see the Citrix Vms listed in the Detail Selections TAB in the job configuration.