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Unable to backup shares on NAS

Created: 22 Nov 2013 | 2 comments

Hi, we're having trouble backing up CIFS shares on non windows devices since moving to a fresh install of BE2012 SP3 (which just to add has been a bit of a nightmare start to finish - lack of 2012 media server support?! WTF)

We have added the servers in question (2 Synology NAS devices, 2 FreeNas devices) using the add server option in BE ok. We have specified credentials which should work but they aren't. The test succeeds on the actual root of the device but fails on the shares themselves. I can map a drive from any windows PC using the exact same account details and am able to both read and write to the share

They are being entered in the format localdevicename\account


Is there some trick to this? As far as I can tell this should work

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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We have seen this sort of issue where the LANman challenge response mechansim on the Windows side is expecting a higher level of response and does not get it from the authentication system on the NAS

Might be a bit trial and error to find if this is the case for you - this document explains the area and settings I am commenting about

The above assumes you are of course using valid user accounts and passwords.

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Hi, so no joy with the suggestion so far. We've reinstalled 2010 to just double check that something hasn't changed on the file server end as they've only been tested when they were development ages ago and the shares backed up 1st time with no issues. Looks like we might have to abandon 2012 for the moment until we are able to work through the issue. I guess I will need to raise a support case but I really don't know if 2012 is worth the hassle