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Unable to configure Task server

Created: 28 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

I am using Altiris 7.1. I need to capture the image with Depoyment solution. So as a part of initial configuration i am trying to install the task server role on one of my site server which already has the package server role installed. I configure the role from the notification server and it went fine. Now i can see my site server having the task server role also along with the package server role.


Notification Server : Windows Server 2008 R2 (Physical Machine)

Package Server & Task server: Windows Server 2003 R2 (Physical Machine)

But the problem is when i open the Symantec management agent of my site server(Windows Server 2003 R2 ) which has package server and task server roles installed, then under the Task Status tab, in front of Task server it is pointing to the Notification server(Windows Server 2008 R2 ) instead of pointing it to itself.

So while capturing the image also nothing fruitful is happening my machine goes to sleep and does not wake up, the image folder also is not getting created which contains the captured image. I think the issue is because the task server is not getting configured the right way.

Kindly Help.

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Maybe.  You can click on the reset button on that page and see if it will connect to itself, sometimes it does.  You can ensure that the Object Host and Client Task Dataloader services are installed and running.  Restart them if necessary.

NOTE:  The deployment share doesn't get created on that site server until the deployment site server components are installed on it, and that means the policy has to be enabled AND the NS has to think it has a fully functioning task server.

As for the capture failing, well, there's a lot of options there.

Personally, I believe you'd save time calling support and working through this, but that's just me, because you've a lot of issues you are likely going to be looking at here.

Alternatively, we've a number of documents that might help.  Here are a few places you might find assistance:

Again, those are starting points, not necessarily all your answers, but I really think you've asked far more than 1 simple question there.

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