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Unable to connect to specified device v11.5

Created: 30 Dec 2011 | 3 comments


I have 3 pc's running XP on a peer to peer network with a Lynksys router. Port forwarding has been set up in the router for each computer. I can connect to two of the computers with PC Anywhere, no problem, but the third one gets an error message "unable to connect to specified device". Is this a firewall problem? If so, what are the steps to fix it? Thanks. 

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Hello Kimb69,

Unfortunately this is not more as a general error message.
Yes a Firewall somewhere in the connection could be a possible cause. You need to check the log file of the Firewall then if pcAnywhere has been blocked.

It could be that the Host on this machine is not active\started. Check in the Service Manager the status of the pcAnywhere Host Service.
A possible reason why the service is not started could be the interference of a 2nd remote tool like RDP or Citrix or Terminal Session.......
So for some kind of troubleshooting it will be important to know the Host status.

This machine is in the same subnet and domain as the other two working Hosts? Or is the network connection somehow different? (A different router\switch involved)

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Hello Kimb69,

Do you have a status update for us?
Do you need further help?

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You provide a good suggestion or you request additional info and the thread goes cold.


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