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Unable to Create image after sysprepping a PC

Created: 12 May 2014 | 1 comment

We have been running DS 6.x up to DS 6.9 SP5 on the same server for the last 5 years.   Recently we built a new server to specifically handle DS 6.9 SP6 and take advantage of WinPE 4 for Windows 7 imaging.

On the new server, when I try to create a new image, I will PXE boot into WinPE and then get the message "unable to connect with dagent for status updates", the the window closes and the PC reboots. This only happens on a PC that I have sysprepped; nonsysprepped images work fine. I am using the same unattend.xml file I used previously on the old server with DS 6.9 SP5 and WinPE 2.1. Is there something different in WinPE4 that my unattend.xml file is causing problems?

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There is something missing in this description.  First, whether or not the system is sysprepped makes no difference in automation.  That drive is now offline and we really don't care about it.

However, what you did to configure the job may have affected this.  You may be seeing one thing but something else entirely is happening.  Check your job and see what automation environment it is intended to boot to.  It may be misconfigured.  If using "default" try something specific.  If it couldn't communicate, it wouldn't reboot automatically because it only reboots when TOLD to do so by the agent so it probably is communicating and then rebooting because somehow it feels like it should.

It's not if it's sysprepped or not, just remember that.

A few more things you should consider.  1) are you PXE booting or booting to PE another way?  How exactly ARE you getting into automation and/or where is your automation environment stored?  2) do you have more than one PXE server on the network?  e.g. an old one from 6.9 SP5 and another from 6.9 SP6?  Are you SURE which server you're booting to, IF PXE of course?  3) what are ALL the exact differences in your non-sysprepped image job and the sysprepped one?  Don't worry about the unattend file - it's irrellevant.  What other differences do you have in the jobs?

Anyway, start with that and see what you find.

Thomas Baird
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