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Unable to decrypt harddisk for mac

Created: 24 Jan 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 3 comments
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I have PGP 10.2.1 4961which I believe is MP4.  I have created a boot disk and an trying to boot from a Macbook Pro Retina that has no cd drive.

I am using an iMac in target disk mode with the cd installed.  Connected to the laptop via Thunderbolt.  When I boot, I can see the EFI boot disk, however when I select it, I get the PGP password, and end up booting into the OS.

MacBook Pro Retina OS X 10.8.2

PGP 10.2.1 4961


iMac with Super Disk Drive connected via ThunderBolt.

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10.8.2 is recommended to use PGP (Symantec Drive Encryption) 10.3 - go to and use the new 10.3

If you don't see 10.3 on the download list contact customer care and they will issue you a new serial and key.

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The CD I burned workes from a USB Superdrive.  Seems like it should work also via target disk mode with Thunderbolt.  Most Mac people will not have a USB drive to use.  Thankfully a coworker had one I could borrow.

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We are only partially compatible with Target Disk Mode on Thunderbolt right now. There is a feature request in place to improve our support for Thunderbolt interface on a Mac. I know this is a probably a pain to require access to the USB superdrive to boot from a CD and decrypt. Hopefully they will get this much needed feature on our roadmap soon. I would highly suggest submitting an idea here, if you don't see one already, regarding supporting Thunderbolt interface via target disk mode. This feedback goes to our Product Management team for review on features our customers are asking for.

Go here:

For Drive Encryption on a Mac select Security from the community (required) drop down menu.  Then select PGP WDE for Mac.

Best of luck!

Edit May 2013: To be notified of when we support Target Disk Mode via Thunderbolt interface please subscribe to the following KB article:

For a list of other supported recovery methods see the related articles section of TECH201009.

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