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Unable to decrypt HDD, does not recognize admin user/pass

Created: 26 Nov 2012


I've come across a laptop running windows 7 32 bit, as well as Endpoint Encryption. I am able to log into SEE with the administrative credentials, but then Windows loads the Windows Recovery Tools, clearly the OS needs a rebuild.

I would like to run the GuardianEdge Access and Recovery utilities, however the following happens when trying to run them:

  1. Running the GEHD Access Utility
    1. The GE Admin credentials are denied, “invalid username/password”
  2. Running the GE Recover Program
    1. I am able to select the disk, perform a “recover /a” and then select “Recover /d”
    2. Once I am at the login screen within the utility, I receive the “invalid username/password” issue.

Does anyone have any guidance on what may be causing this?