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Unable to delete job in BE 2012

Created: 30 Aug 2012 • Updated: 30 Aug 2012 | 6 comments
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I have changed some of my jobs around and for some reason I can not remove one of the jobs that exists.

As you can see in the screen shot attached, there are two Daily jobs - one at the top is a Full backup, and the one at the bottom is a differential. There is no 'x' (delete icon) on the full job.

Is it possible to remove this job, and only have the differential running?

I believe that this issue is causing my daily backups to fail as I have had the Full set to 'Hold' and the differential keeps showing superseded.



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pkh's picture

No.  You cannot have a differential backup job without a full backup job.

I think your backup jobs are overly complicated.

1) Since you have a weekly full backup, I don't know why you need a daily full backup.

2) I don't know what is the purpose of your "holiday" jobs.

What you probably need is a weekly full backup, daily differential backup and a monthly full backup.

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Thanks pkh,

Ok, I understand that, however is that not what a weekly or monthly backup for?

How would you setup a daily differential if there is a daily full happening as well?

I am sorry if these are stupid questions...

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You don't have to pair a daily full backup with a daily differential backup.  The schedule of the full and differential backup can differ.  The only requirement is that you need to run a full backup before you run a differential backup.  Normally, the backup cycle is a weekly full backup with daily incremental/differential backup.

For you, the best is to forget about this job and start afresh.

1) create a new backup job. 

2) you will see two jobs, a full backup and an incremental backup.

3) change the schedule of the full backup to a weekly schedule

4) change the method of the incremental job to differential and the schedule to a daily one.

5) add in a monthly full backup and you are done.

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Having a daily full, kinda beats the purpose of having daily diff/incr backups...try either with only daily full backups or setup monthly/weekly fulls with daily incr/diff backups...

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Great, thank you pkh for your help, I will start again, again and try to get it working.

I do find it odd that it is not possible to delete that job without starting completely over.

I think that the setup would have worked if it was not for that one fault - I could be very wrong with that comment though.

I agree with you VJware, that it does defeat the purpose having a daily full and diff, that is why I am trying to remove the full, however I am unable to do so (as posted above, and in the image, there is no delete or remove icon displayed in for the daily full).


I have marked the solution for pkh, as what he has stated is correct however I don't believe that it is a very acceptable solution from Symantec's point of view - if that you need to delete the whole backup set to remove one job, it could become a very tedious excercise.

I am not having a go at pkh in this, so please don't take it that way.

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Thats the very first backup method for that job definition...It would not allow you to delete that...Instead, edit the name of that method to soemthing like weekly full or monthly full & edit the schedule as well...and then delete other backup methods accordingly...